Your Future Launches.
This Summer.

Did you know that there are almost 3,000 operational satellites orbiting our planet? 

How did that happen? 

SkyLeap Academy provides youth with the opportunity to become part of the journey, offering access to real space industry projects, navigated by professionals with space industry experience. 

Program Overview

  • Applied experience on the components of a satellite’s life cycle
  • Assimilation projects to foster skills in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Coding & Engineering
  • Instructors with space industry experience
  • 10:1 student/teacher ratio (20 students per session)

        Program Details

        August 9 to August 20
        Week1: Mon-Thurs: 9:30 am to 3 pm
        Week2: Tues-Fri: 9:30 am to 3 pm

        Jericho Hill Grounds
        4125 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

        Cost: $890 (plus tax)

        Our Mission

        The SkyLeap Summer Academy was designed as a unique learning opportunity for youth:

        • to provide access to real space industry projects; 

        • to spark their creativity, reinforce STEM curriculum, and foster entrepreneurial skills;

        • to create a solid foundation for further exploration of career options in the space industry and beyond.


        The cofounders and instructors of SkyLeap Academy participated in the decade long Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. This project was an attempt to land a rover on the moon by privately funded efforts and to have it transmit HD video back to Earth.