Safe. Secure. Speak.

Speak is for those who value their privacy.

With Speak, you'll send messages and media over your own private, decentralized, and fully end-to-end encrypted network giving you the security you deserve.

Why Decentralize?

Speak uses decentralized server nodes to transfer your messages and files safely.

  • No central server has access to your private data.

  • No personal data is stored on any server nodes.

  • No one except your device holds your messages.

  • No censorship.

Don't Hold Back

You are in control.

  • With Speak, you can choose to transfer your critical data through your private network. Not someone elses.

  • Safeguard against digital theft and hacker attacks.

  • Rest easy knowing your data is genuinely safe.

Property Decentralized
No Censorship ×
No Control Issues ×
No Privacy Issues ×
No Data Suppression ×
No User Analytics ×
No Customer Data ×
No Data Resale ×
No Data Mining ×

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