Google Lunar XPRIZE Roots

The cofounders and instructors of SkyLeap Academy participated as Adobri Solutions in the decade long Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. As the only Canadian contender, their project was an unprecedented historic attempt to land a rover on the moon by privately funded efforts and to have it transmit HD video back to Earth.

Our Instructors

Alex contributed to the space industry by writing the Operating System emulator which is used to launch the Soyuz and Proton Launch vehicles.

He has always dreamed of sharing his knowledge with the next generation and hopes to continue to do so through SkyLeap Academy.

Initially trained as a professor of Mathematics, Alex jumped ship to become a programmer and never looked back.

Alex Dobrianski

Instructor & Co-founder, Skyleap Academy

Sergei worked on a Space Agency contract before kick-starting a business that organically brought two products to different markets.

Founding an academy where students get to design a satellite has always been on his radar of important ventures.

He looks forward to helping students develop resilience through their academy projects, viewing obstacles, as a critical part of their success.

Sergei Dobrianski

Instructor & Co-founder, Skyleap Academy