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Your Guide to CubeSat System Fundamentals

Two Week Summer Academy

For Who

Secondary School students ages 15 to 18


Recommended 70% average or higher


Laptop with Windows OS

Program Overview

Over two weeks, students will gain a high level introduction to core Cube Satellite (CubeSat) systems that are necessary to achieve a successful spaceflight.

Week 1 Students will be introduced to the mission objectives and their unknowns. They will take this week to investigate possible solutions to launching a CubeSat. Students will be guided to understanding key components of a CubeSat’s Inertial Measurement Unit and attitude system. During week one they will also have a high-level introduction to finance and marketing. This will allow them to experience other critical branches to the overall objective of launching a satellite. Applied work will involve assembling a desktop computer while looking at the primary function of its components and writing an executive summary to practice putting their ideas to paper and action.

Week 2 Students will be introduced to datasheets and electronic schematics. Applied work will involve mastering for loops in coding and making a single webpage hosted on their local computer. Additionally during the week, students will focus on a set of sales heuristics. These rules will be linked to the previous week’s marketing subject matter. Week Two will also cover the remaining core modules housed on a CubeSat. These include Quality assurance, CubeSat integration, and Technology Readiness Assessment.

Program Format (44 Hours of Instruction)

Location: Jericho Hill Grounds
4125 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Instructors: Alex & Sergei Dobrianski

Students will meet four times a week, from Monday to Thursday, for in-class workshops and lectures.
*Note week of August 16 classes will be Tuesday to Friday due to facility maintenance Monday, August 16.

Students are required to bring a Windows laptop PC to class for specific coding workshops.

Class will begin at 9:30 am and finish at 3 pm. 

Available Sessions

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